Xiaomi launched its new series named Y series yesterday and the device launched in this series is Y1.First of all let’s take a look at the specs.Y1 comes with a snapdragon 435 SOC clocked at 1.4GHz.Adding to this it has a 5.5″  HD screen and a metal looking finish(its plastic)with gold and silver color.This phone comes in two variant the first one is the 3gb+32gb combination and the another one has 4gb+64gb.The price is Rs.8,999 and 10,999 respectively.As far as the android version is concerned it comes with android nougat7.1 out of the box on top of MIUI 9. Don’t expect the monthly updates quickly as xiaomi is very bad in terms of timely updates.The display is good but not great the colors are quiet on the brighter side and are over saturated which results in an artificial look.The battery capacity is 3080mAh and thankfully this one does  not have a hybrid sim slot.You can insert 2 nano sim and a micro SD card at the same time.

NOW ,lets talk about the Highlighting feature of the phone i.e the reason for the title of this blog..Yes the Camera.This one is rocking a 16MP front facing (with flash)camera and a 13MP rear camera.In terms of inhand feel and looks it is quiet similar to the miA1 (another device from xiaomi) from front and redmi 4 from back.Xiaomi camera is not well baked i would say but this time they launched a camera centric device in order to prove us wrong and the perception we had about it’s camera.Anyways the 13 MP(PDAF) camera has a f/2.2aperture and 16MP lens has f/2.0 aperture.It has all the necessary sensors including the Fingerprint sensor and even the IR blaster.At this price Xiaomi launched a very balanced and good device.It would be interesting to see how it competes with the other smartphones in this price range.Also how will be the performance for this one.You can definitely take a look at this device.Thumbs👍For this one..

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HUAWEI recently announced its flagship device huawei P10 Lite.It is said to have all the features of p10.It has 5.2” full HD display.The bezels this time will be more narrower.As stated by huawei it has Kirin 658 chipset and it also offers 4gb of ram.On knowing the specifications the expectations from the brand and it’s device is surely increased.But beside all these massive features the price of this phone is rumoured to be quiet low.

Now as we talk about the camera.Huawei is well known for dual camera in the smartphone industry.But this handset has a single 12MP rear camera and 8MP front camera for clear selfies.It comes with android N out of the box with EMUI 5.1. This handset will only be available in carphone warehouse from  31 march 2017.Fingerprint scanner is also added to enhance the security features.Moreover,the device has knuckle sense i.e. the user can touch and operate their device seamlessly with their knuckles.

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Tired of same theme on your phone?Here is the solution to your problem.

You can Add any theme be it the ios,stock android,oneplus and more.First of all we must know the term launcher and its use.Launcher are basically the apps that provide you the best customisable themes.The user can install such applications for free from Playstore and appmarkets.But the paid version for these launchers provide the user best experience without any issues or bugs.The famous rather best launchers on play store are:

1. Nova launcher

2.Apex launcher

3.Awd launcher

These are some of the best but there are many more like these.These launchers can change the system UI look and can change even the Font,page layout and even add interesting widgets so as to simplify their work.All you have to do is install from playstore then press the home button and a dialogue box will appear which says to choose the on the installed launcher and set it to always if u want to set it as default.

Now enjoy the beautiful custom themes,add icon packs so as to enhance and get a rich look for your device.


Google launched a new android version for nexus devices in August 2016 named android N(nougat).It came first in nexus devices such as nexus 6p,nexus 5x along with pixel c.The most awaited version had almost the best features till date.


First of all Google changed the user interface of stock android.The app drawer is now replaced by swipe up feature.Next the boot animation too was changed which seem to be quiet impressive.Google really worked on this one.Now it’s easy for  user to reply to important notifications right from the notification bar and reading mails and stuff by simply expanding the message in the notification bar.Pixel comes with something new along this and that is Google Assistant.It would give all the answers to the questions asked.The next feature is the Multiwindow.Now you can do two task at the same time at the same screen and also adjust the size of the opened window.That is simply amazing.The quick toggle is now just a swipe away from the notification panel.Basically google made the usage easy and quick at the same time .Settings now come with a Quick Sidebar to toggle between the important locations of the setting menu.Doze mode was also added in the last which inturn improved battery life ..all you have to do is go to settings and search for battery optimozation and search for doze..enable it.

The last is the new easter egg emoji in the notification panel which gives a new user the info about the android( i.e. nougat )they are using.

Overall Google gave his best in this version but it says there is more nice things to come with the next one..

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ADOPTIVE STORAGE!!A must know feature!

ADOPTIVE storage?It is bit different from the actual or the general storage that user gets in the android device.This feature was not there earlier.But after the announcement for android Marshmallow(6.0).The feature for adoptive storage came out to be pretty well.


Basically adoptive storage means gaining extra storage.After the android 6.0 update the user could now use their external storage i.e. Micro SD card as a storage too in their phones.Now the question arises how it is done??. The steps are quiet simple. All you have to do is:

1.At the time of booting your phone for the first time insert the micro SD card too.

2.Now after filling in all the setup details go to setting-Then storage and there you will find an option written as Sd card storage .

3.Click on that to explore.

4.Now Click on Format as internal.This will format /delete all the data in your SD card so dont forget to backup your data.

5.Now it will clear all the data from your SD card .

6.After that any app the user installs in his phone will automatically be installed in SD card by default.

So now the user could enjoy the adoptive storage and never get out of space..

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Lenovo launched his budget oriented device named K3 Note in july 2015.Though it was launched as a new product by lenovo but appeared exactly similar to its old model lenovo a7000 plus.Lenovo only bumped up some specs and introduced it by a name k3 note.The specs were also quiet average.It had 16 gb of rom and 2 gb of ram with adoptive storage option.The processor was mediatek at 1.7Ghz clock speed.Lenovo bumped the screen to 1080p i.e. full hd but the GPU remained the same as it was in a7000 plus.The screen was also not even a toughned or gorilla glass.Due to this lag in the gpu the gaming and the overall performance of the phone fell down.It came with android 5.0 lollipop out of the box but later recived an OTA(over the air) update for android M (6.0) with theatre max support.Beside these software updates the Heating issue still prevailed in the handset.But the camera of the handset took the graph of this phone quiet high.The camera performance was really good with both 13 MP rear and 5MP front camera.Overall the inhand feel was satisfactory for the price but not That good.It was sold at around Rs. 10000 which was later reduced to 9000 and now lower to 8000.But this phone came into lime light due to its high SAR ratings.These were quiet high.It was 1.59W/kg for Head and 0.688W/kg for body.The battery came out to be of 2900mAh value.Overall the phone was just suitable for general users as some lag was seen in it’s VIBE UI too.–E5trSAhXZAyoKHdFkBicYABAAGgJ0bQ&sig=AOD64_0eIfCodiizhscbo_wZdWkwhZX8rA&q=&ved=0ahUKEwjZleSE5trSAhUKNI8KHXT1DukQ0QwIIg&adurl=