Lenovo launched his budget oriented device named K3 Note in july 2015.Though it was launched as a new product by lenovo but appeared exactly similar to its old model lenovo a7000 plus.Lenovo only bumped up some specs and introduced it by a name k3 note.The specs were also quiet average.It had 16 gb of rom and 2 gb of ram with adoptive storage option.The processor was mediatek at 1.7Ghz clock speed.Lenovo bumped the screen to 1080p i.e. full hd but the GPU remained the same as it was in a7000 plus.The screen was also not even a toughned or gorilla glass.Due to this lag in the gpu the gaming and the overall performance of the phone fell down.It came with android 5.0 lollipop out of the box but later recived an OTA(over the air) update for android M (6.0) with theatre max support.Beside these software updates the Heating issue still prevailed in the handset.But the camera of the handset took the graph of this phone quiet high.The camera performance was really good with both 13 MP rear and 5MP front camera.Overall the inhand feel was satisfactory for the price but not That good.It was sold at around Rs. 10000 which was later reduced to 9000 and now lower to 8000.But this phone came into lime light due to its high SAR ratings.These were quiet high.It was 1.59W/kg for Head and 0.688W/kg for body.The battery came out to be of 2900mAh value.Overall the phone was just suitable for general users as some lag was seen in it’s VIBE UI too.




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