ADOPTIVE STORAGE!!A must know feature!

ADOPTIVE storage?It is bit different from the actual or the general storage that user gets in the android device.This feature was not there earlier.But after the announcement for android Marshmallow(6.0).The feature for adoptive storage came out to be pretty well.


Basically adoptive storage means gaining extra storage.After the android 6.0 update the user could now use their external storage i.e. Micro SD card as a storage too in their phones.Now the question arises how it is done??. The steps are quiet simple. All you have to do is:

1.At the time of booting your phone for the first time insert the micro SD card too.

2.Now after filling in all the setup details go to setting-Then storage and there you will find an option written as Sd card storage .

3.Click on that to explore.

4.Now Click on Format as internal.This will format /delete all the data in your SD card so dont forget to backup your data.

5.Now it will clear all the data from your SD card .

6.After that any app the user installs in his phone will automatically be installed in SD card by default.

So now the user could enjoy the adoptive storage and never get out of space..

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