Google launched a new android version for nexus devices in August 2016 named android N(nougat).It came first in nexus devices such as nexus 6p,nexus 5x along with pixel c.The most awaited version had almost the best features till date.


First of all Google changed the user interface of stock android.The app drawer is now replaced by swipe up feature.Next the boot animation too was changed which seem to be quiet impressive.Google really worked on this one.Now it’s easy for  user to reply to important notifications right from the notification bar and reading mails and stuff by simply expanding the message in the notification bar.Pixel comes with something new along this and that is Google Assistant.It would give all the answers to the questions asked.The next feature is the Multiwindow.Now you can do two task at the same time at the same screen and also adjust the size of the opened window.That is simply amazing.The quick toggle is now just a swipe away from the notification panel.Basically google made the usage easy and quick at the same time .Settings now come with a Quick Sidebar to toggle between the important locations of the setting menu.Doze mode was also added in the last which inturn improved battery life ..all you have to do is go to settings and search for battery optimozation and search for doze..enable it.

The last is the new easter egg emoji in the notification panel which gives a new user the info about the android( i.e. nougat )they are using.

Overall Google gave his best in this version but it says there is more nice things to come with the next one..

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