HUAWEI recently announced its flagship device huawei P10 Lite.It is said to have all the features of p10.It has 5.2” full HD display.The bezels this time will be more narrower.As stated by huawei it has Kirin 658 chipset and it also offers 4gb of ram.On knowing the specifications the expectations from the brand and it’s device is surely increased.But beside all these massive features the price of this phone is rumoured to be quiet low.

Now as we talk about the camera.Huawei is well known for dual camera in the smartphone industry.But this handset has a single 12MP rear camera and 8MP front camera for clear selfies.It comes with android N out of the box with EMUI 5.1. This handset will only be available in carphone warehouse from  31 march 2017.Fingerprint scanner is also added to enhance the security features.Moreover,the device has knuckle sense i.e. the user can touch and operate their device seamlessly with their knuckles.

So on papers the specs are quite impressive but it will be quiet interesting to know the actual performance of the phone after the purchase by the users.Shop from flipkart at affordable prices.:–E5trSAhXZAyoKHdFkBicYABAAGgJ0bQ&sig=AOD64_0eIfCodiizhscbo_wZdWkwhZX8rA&q=&ved=0ahUKEwjZleSE5trSAhUKNI8KHXT1DukQ0QwIIg&adurl=



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